Training contract terms

Training contract payment terms
  1. Trainee must pay the course price to the account provided on the course bill.

  2. Trainee must pay the due amount via bank transfer to TM Koolituskeskus OÜ account nr. EE753300332165180009 or in cash.

  3. If the trainee does not pay the amount due by the date outlined on the bill, a penalty charge of 0,05% on the amount due is added for every calendar day exceeding past the payment ‘due date’.

  4. The penalty will start counting from the following day of the ‘due date’ and will stop at the time of paying the full amount (including any penalties) by the trainee. The penalty is charged off of the main amount unpaid, not counting the penalties already accrued. Any payments by the trainee will cover the penalty at first order and the rest of the unpaid amount following. 

  5. Current contract is counted completed at the time of full payment of ‘amount due’ and any penalties that may have been added for late mayment.

  6. The trainee has the right to pay the ‘amount due’ before the due date provided on the bill or pay in multiple parts, by first notifying the course provider in written form.

  7. If the Course provider decides to cancel the course midway for any reason, the trainee is still obligated to pay the full price as outlined on the contract

  8. In case of forfeit by the trainee for no apparently good reason the following will apply:

    1. Forfeiting base-course, 7 days before the course start, written or oral notification is required. The down payment of 50% will not be reimbursed.

    2. Forfeiting refresher-course, 48h before the course start, notification is required. The down payment of 50% will not be reimbursed.

    3. If the trainee does not arrive at agreed upon time, the full price will not be reimbursed.

    4. If the course is nullified for an adequate reason, the full price will be reimbursed.

    5. Adequate reasons are: The trainee or someone close to them (life mate, spouse, parent, child) falls ill, dies or has an unfortunate accident, fire, massive financial loss.

    6. The trainee must immediately at first possibility notify the course provider of the situation and provide a written proof of claimed obstruction (medical document, which prohibits travel, police document, etc.).

  9. The price of the course may be subject to additional costs if the trainee wishes/needs extra training/practice hours (20 eur/ 1 h). Standard course length included in the base price is outlined in the course overview.

  10. Payments made by the trainee of the amount provided on the bill, is counted as automatic agreement to the terms and conditions.


Final provisions
  1. Any disagreements between the parties represented on the contract which may arise, will be firstly tried to solve by mutual negotiation. 

  2. If compromise cannot be made through mutual negotiation, all arguments will be settled in ‘Tallinna ja Harjumaa’ court or Harju County court.

  3. This contract has been drafted in two (2) identical copies, of which one (1) belongs to the Course provider and the other to the trainee.


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