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Course length: 2 days (12 academic hours) 
Place: C.R Jakobsoni 14 Tallinn, (T&M Ilusalong),  Pepleri 32, 51003 Tartu, (Abella Ilusalong), Tilkankatu 2 Helsinki (StudioGlamour), Brahevägen 3 Solna 16969 Stockholm (Lainella Beauty)

Training license 7323HTM

Program itinerary:

  • Theoretical course: Theory (2 Academic hours) From 9:00 - 11:00

    • Basic nail structure

    • Nail anatomy

    • Nail structure

    • Nail infections

    • Changes occurring in the nail

    • Order of work

    • Spa manicure

    • Hygiene

  • Practical course: (10 Academic hours)

    • Creating shape

    • Tool selection

    • Proper hand positions

    • Top coating (Clear coating)

    • Massage SPA

    • Practice must include two works: Classic manicure and SPA manicure. Course can be taken in groups or individually

  • Day I Classic manicure (model must arrive at 11:00)

  • Day II SPA manicure (model must arrive at 9:00)

  • NB! Course is finalized with an exam!


Prior experience: Not necessary 


Price: 190 € + km (course only)

Price: 260 € + km (course with starter kit included)


Lease payment:


Training license:


Training Calendar:


Language of instruction: Estonian-, Russian-, Finnish, -English


Price includes: Full Training, International certificate, All tools and products required for training 


Trainer: Merilin Markov–Valm, Helda Veskimeister

The trainer:




Additional info: Since the course seating is limited we kindly ask you to preregister. You will be contacted with the course dates, after which "TM Koolituskeskus OÜ" will send you 50% down payment bill. You must pay this 14 in advance of course date. In case "TM Koolituskeskus OÜ" has not received the down payment in due time, your registration will not be taken in account.


Course with Starter kit TM 260 €

  • Nail Polish Remover 1 pc

  • File 150/180 grit 2pcs

  • Fine grit file 280/280 1pc

  • Polishing file 280/280

  • Rose-wood stick 3pcs

  • Nail dusting brush

  • wadded paper - roll (500pcs)

  • Cuticle clippers

  • Manicure bowl

  • Cuticle pusher

  • Cuticle Remover 15 ml​


C. R. Jakobsoni 14, Tallinn

Tel: +372 53 333 332


Rüütli 55, Pärnu

Tel: +372 5881 7749



E-R: 9-20

Laupäev: kokkuleppel

Pühapäev: kokkuleppel


NB! Nädalavahetusel lisandub hinnale 10%


53 333 332
NB! Juhul kui jätate broneeritud ajaks tulemata või ei tühista aega enne 24h, on T&M Ilusalongil õigus esitada arve 50% broneeritud teenuse maksumusest.
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